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Career Management

Career Management coaching programmes to support change, transition, personal growth and wellbeing.

Explore, reconnect and confidently shape the career and performance which will give you more of what you really want today and into the future.

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Corporates Performance Solutions

I’ll work with you to meet your overall learning and developmental goals.

All training programmes are aligned to your organisational and people requirements with training needs analysis and then design to maximise transfer and engagement.

Executive Coaching for continued or targeted support.

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Behaviour Profiling

As a certified Everything DiSC profiler I offer a selection of behaviour profile reports to help improve workplace performance, selection and career development. Also available, Five Behaviours of A Cohesive Team profiling and team workshop options.

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Want to chat through your challenge, get a fresh perspective and find out more about coaching?

Client experience

Client words

Samuel J
Samuel JClient

I can honestly say that working with Victoria has been a life-changing experience.I’ve spent many years being unhappy with my career. I knew what I was doing wasn’t really ‘me’ – but I didn’t have the confidence or clarity to be able to do anything about it.
With Victoria’s calm, warm and wise guidance I have made huge strides towards changing career and finding work that feels authentic to me. But perhaps more importantly, she has helped me identify the values that are at my core and understand what makes me happy and gives my life purpose and meaning. Victoria has an amazing ability to coax ideas and thoughts out of me – things that on reflection seem so obvious, but without her, I would never have recognised. And thanks to Victoria, I now have tools that I can use for the rest of my life to make better decisions and that give me the confidence to take positive action when I’m feeling stuck.

R Bennett
R BennettKeytree Ltd.

We used Victoria as part of a programme to prepare our staff for a transition to a new review system. She successfully delivered a series of concise sessions ("Giving and Receiving Feedback") to small groups and it was notable that staff at all levels rated her delivery highly, with a few sceptics converted along the way by her confidence in engaging with all perspectives. She was also able to give us some thoughtful insights gained from each session, understanding the themes and concerns expressed by staff which were effectively summarised for us to take on board. I have no doubt that we will be using Victoria's services again.

Laura O
Laura OClient

My journey with Victoria has been immensely positive for me and I am so pleased with myself that I made the investment. From the very first session I could see results. In a short space of time I quickly built my confidence using strategies and tools Victoria shared. She helped me to understand my passions and priorities and I am using insight to drive towards change in career and my location. Victoria’s focused coaching has helped me realise and empowered me to stretch to my full potential.

Refinery 29
Refinery 29Client

We really enjoyed our collaboration with Victoria Walsh as part of our Refinery29 UK x adidas post run events series at the adidas Brick Lane Studio in London. Victoria took part in a Refinery29 UK Facebook Live as well as giving a post run talk on ‘How can we manage a busy life effectively’. Her involvement was a highlight for us and for our audience!

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