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A lot of what I do is focused on helping people work out how they can take the action they need to advance in their career, to grow their business, to be a more confident person or a more productive worker.

Simple fact – Action is imperative if we want to achieve anything. You can think, dissect, explore, plan, dream, believe but without an action step, nothing can grow, change or be created.

Action doesn’t have to be all singing dancing, big jumps and throwing yourself into the unknown and the uncertain without any fear or hesitation. Small steps are just as powerful as big.

So here are my tips to help action be that little easier to manifest;

Set a goal – To be an action person you need to be clear on where you want to get to, an end result to drive yourself towards. Clarity on the goal, it’s time span and knowing how you will recognise you have hit the destination point will give you confidence.

Visualise – If you have that goal in mind spend time each day visualising it to see it, feel it and immerse yourself within it. Research shows the more we can visualise our end-result the more we can manifest its creation.

Chunk it down – I find things look less scary when they are chunked down. It also can be a wake up call as to how much needs to be done which can be the kick to get started! Work with the end in mind and then break the path into small manageable chunks. Small steps are just as impactful as big steps but easier to mentally manage and limit overwhelm.

Stop over analysing – stop thinking and stop researching as if you must have all the answers immediately. Analysis is great but it can continue along the way. Start and then review throughout to keep track of your progress and your learnings to feed further action.

Be gone perfection – Seeking perfection stops action. A wise person tells me a lot that ‘you and whatever you are working towards are a work in progress’. It helps beat my perfection bug and reminds me there will always be mistakes, hiccups and hurdles to climb, but if we can view these as necessary learnings and our personal growth we can break down the need to criticise our imperfection.

Eliminate self-doubt – With self -talk and affirmations to help boost your positivity levels and build confidence you can attract the self-leadership mindset to power you forward and put self-doubt out of your mind. Start each day with your personal words of wisdom to yourself to fill your head with positivity, kindness, compassion and be self-motivating.

Reward yourself – If you were trying to encourage someone else chances are you would be incentivising them in some way. So, give yourself an incentive with the promise of a reward for taking action. Big or small it will create motivation and keep you going.

Energise yourself – Where do you find your energy? Perhaps take a walk, a run or spend time with a good friend. Find your energy boosting way to raise serotonin levels, get more oxygen running through your blood and simply put you in the right emotional and physical state to take action.

Believe in you – Remind yourself of how special you are, your value and what you can offer to everyone along the way to the goal. Don’t hide and rob the world of your talent!

Get yourself a coach – Action takers seek support. Accountability, guidance and a way of unearthing new perspectives, the blocks and your solutions will move you forward quickly and effectively.

Engage the leader within and you will take steps to move closer from where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

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