Are we time poor of just being dramatic?

Are we time poor or just being dramatic? This was the opening question on a Facebook live Q&A I did in 2017 with Refinery29 UK at the Adidas run space in London.  Sharing this today as the topic of time comes up time and time again as we continue to face pressure to fit everything in to our busy schedules. With ‘busy’ being the default word in our vocabulary it’s easy to get caught up with the idea that we are all time poor and fall foul of overwhelm rather than the potential for success from all the opportunities we have in front of us

So, how do we manage a busy life at work and at home effectively? Check out the facebook live here for my thoughts and tips on creating the right mindset, behaviours and structure to lead yourself to a successful ‘busy’ life.

Get in touch to discuss how I could help you manage time more effectively open up more opportunity for success and to maxmise opportunity for a meaningful and balance life.

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