Are you giving yourself enough kudos to how good you really are?

When I work with people I get to know them pretty intimately. They share their passions, dreams, shortfalls, mistakes and frustrations. We have fun delving deep into exploring what makes them amazing and what doesn’t. Pretty revealing and personal stuff needed to unlock the authentic and purpose led individual they need to connect with in order to truly design the career they want or to empower them to up their performance game to fulfil their potential.

When we look at ‘personal powers’– which is how I define the things you are amazing at – it always reveals one amazing limitation.

People rarely give themselves enough credit for what they are good at!

It’s a struggle for many people to see clearly all they have achieved and their true strengths. Peeling back and identifying what lies in your power bank is much harder than you think. Most people only really recognise the top layer of what they see as skills and strengths. Even then, a lot of people stop at simply listing out the tasks they can do well, missing out on giving themselves enough credit for how good they actually are. Important stuff if you want to sell yourself to a new employer or to get more responsibility, recognition and career advancement.

So, pause a moment – are you too quick to brush over your most amazing self? Is it easier to focus on what’s lacking?

If you want to achieve more and build up your confidence then you have the ingredients inside already to combat the inner negative chatter from the mind monkey which puts you down. You have more to offer than you likely think. You need to learn to give yourself more credit where it is due.

What are youpersonal powers?

Write a list today of what makes you great. See if you can fill a side of A4. Study it and embrace it as the truth pure and simple.

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