Are you showing enough love to ​your career?

On this annual day of celebrating the power of love, what better time to reflect on whether you are showing your career enough love and attention.


Well, whether you are working in the corporate world or running your own business,  your career is a big part of your life. It must be loved and attended to otherwise just like any relationship which feels uncared for, it will cease to give you back the love, happiness and fulfilment you are working for in the first place.

Here are my top tips for how you can start ensuring you are showing your career enough love and attention;

  • Make sure your career is aligned with your passion and purpose.
  • Invest constantly in learning and development to keep you fresh, ahead of the pack and energised.
  • Celebrate & reward your achievements big or small daily.
  • Do more of what you enjoy and makes you feel positive everyday(it makes thetougher and tedious things that little easier).
  • Recognise when you need to take a break.
  • Plan your time, be disciplined and set boundaries.
  • Surround yourself with inspiration – people, books and your environment.
  • Focus on ensuring you are getting gratification from the work you do rather than just the pay check.
  • Don’t let complacency or fear of change stop you fulfilling potential – step out of the shadows and your comfort zone as often as you can.
  • Put yourself out there more – raise your hand and say more please!

Show your career more love and see how you can thrive and achieve more by leading yourself more effectively to success.

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