Are your beliefs holding you back?

The day I realised my beliefs were holding me back was the day I stopped treading water in my life and my career. It was the moment I discovered how much potential I was failing to fulfil, how my effectiveness was being limited and when I finally understood what my true vision of success looked like.

Believe is such a great word, it is magical and mystical, it is strong yet soft, it is sparkly yet sturdy.

Our beliefs are what define us, they are our blueprint on how we look upon the world around us. They lead our thinking, our decisions and therefore our behaviour. They are unique to us, personal reflections of the experiences we have had in life, the conversations, the people we have been surrounded by and influenced by. They live in our subconscious and without much consideration, they come and lead us confidently. Self-worth, Self-esteem and confidence are rooted in beliefs. Beliefs determine what we see as fact no matter whether we have evidence to support them or not. Our beliefs can push us forward into the unknown, allow us to take risk, fuel our determination, our perseverance and lead us to our desires of success.

Beliefs are powerful and amazing. But only when they are empowering.

Mixed within our bank of beliefs are a lot of unfiltered beliefs which we have picked up along our life experience which we hold to be true but which actually when we start to take time to assess them don’t reflect who we are, what we stand for and what we value at work and in life. These beliefs can hold us back without us giving it a second thought. They cause hesitation, can stop us in our tracks, create internal mind fireworks of panic and anxiety. They feed the inner critic. They can paint a picture of doom and gloom. They can lead us down the wrong path, prevent us from taking risks and keep us stuck in situations which are not healthy to us or the people around us. They influence our behaviour styles and strategies. They can limit our curiosity and our ability to think out of the box. They can limit our effectiveness, drive procrastination and kill our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Yes, beliefs are powerful and amazing but can also be limiting and mostly without us knowing it.

My personal experience of awakening to the power of beliefs was linked to my frustration and unhappiness with my career a few years back. I was out of love with the work I was doing and working in a business I was unaligned with in terms of my values and priorities, all because of my beliefs. For example,

I believed I would not be able to find another job which would give me flexible working or pay me as well

I believed I was stuck in a particular industry and it was too late to change career path

I believed it was just the way it was and you had to lump it when your values are not being met at work

I believed change was too hard and complicated

I believed success came before happiness

I believed other people were to blame

I believed the vision of success I had was just a dream

I didn’t truly believe in my abilities

When I finally woke up to these limiting beliefs, when I pulled them from my subconscious and took time to challenge them, to look for evidence to support them and understand their roots, I started to see new perspectives. I was able to push through fear and climb over hurdles and make the changes that my heart and mind truly desired.

I became more effective in decision making, in leading others as well as myself, my day to day performance improved. I became happier and more balanced. I became more confident in myself and my abilities.

Beliefs are magical, powerful and empowering when they work for you not against you and my eureka moment around beliefs was my catalyst into the world of coaching. I want to help others who like me are limiting themselves in finding true success and the ability to maximise their potential because of their beliefs. Through coaching, I now help people master their beliefs and their mindset and empower them to lead themselves effectively every day in their career and businesses.

I say it is like blowing on a dandelion – with each breath you send off into the wind the things which have been holding you back until you are left with your core.

So, how well do you understand your beliefs and how could they be holding you back in performance effectiveness and personal success?

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