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Ever wondered why you react in a certain way. What makes you behave differently versus those around you. In fact, why you find it easier to work with some people over others. Also, why it’s so hard for you to change habits. Behaviour is fascinating. Getting under the skin of what leads your natural reaction and action is a valuable and not to mention powerful insight. It can step-change career development and every day performance. Thiis is where Everything DiSC can help

As certified Everything DiSC® trainer and coach I offer DiSC® profiling as part of every corporate coaching programme and also as one off analysis sessions and group workshops.


A reliable and proven behaviour modeling tool which delivers insight and understanding of style, preferences and characteristics. Particularly used to improve performance, communication, relationships and to target specific behavioural challenges.

Every profile is easy to understand, reliable and gives in-depth insight. In addition it inspires strategies, tips and action.

With a focus on specific scenario/ role in mind it not only allows you to apply attention to specific areas but it additionally acts as an on going reference point.

The insight achieved from a DiSC® profile gives you the ability to…

  • Read people so you always get a sense of how they may react, think and behave in certain situations.
  • Learn how to stretch and flex yourself to achieve more, work better with different and create more harmony
  • Understand and create the most dynamic teams
  • Improve communication, relationships, effectiveness and team culture
  • Gain greater confidence and make recruitment decisions easier
  • Predict your own and others behaviour
  • Manage conflict more effectively
  • Enhance leaderships skills
  • Improve sales performance
  • Manage your self development with a focus on strengths and weaknesses
  • Help make career decisions


With a wide range of profiles available for leaders, managers, salesforce, teams and individuals, the DiSC® profiling tool can drive positive behavioural transformation for everyone.

The profile can be generated quickly after the completion of a 75 question adaptive questionnaire. The following profiles are available:

  • Everything DiSC® Workplace profile 
  • Everything DiSC® Productive conflict profile 
  • Everything DiSC® Work of leaders profile 
  • Everything DiSC® Management profile 
  • Everything DiSC® 363 for leaders profile 
  • Everything DiSC® sales profile 

Contact me to receive a sample report via email for reference.

In addition to individual profiles, there are options of comparison reports and group reports to gain further insight and value from team profiling.