WORKSHOP: Become a high performing team player with Five Behaviours Profile

Date 2019-07-10-2019-07-10
Location5-7 Canbury Business Park, Elm Crescent, Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, KT2 6HJ

* Exciting workshop using NEW Insight Tool – The Five Behaviours™ of a Cohesive Team Personal Development Profile, based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book Five Dysfunctions of a team *



Great teams are the sum of the combined effects of high performing individuals. What would it be like if YOU as one individual in your team could help step change the team’s success by focusing on your own personal development to become a high performing team member?

Business and team growth opportunities? An improved culture? More productivity? Better ideas? Stronger relationships? Less stress and self-doubt? Less time wasted on unnecessary unproductive conflict? Increased visibility for career acceleration and reward aligned to team success?

About this workshop

In this open workshop, individuals will learn an exciting and transformative model which will help them create greater impact, collaboration and improve their performance when working as part of a team.

Using the NEW ‘The Five behaviours™ : Personal Development Profile’, an insight tool based on the best selling book by Patrick Lencioni ‘Five Dysfunctions of a team’, attendees will learn powerful principles of team dynamics, work out how to shape their own behaviour, improve their personal impact and their team relationships, and take away personal action to drive change and improvements starting with themselves but benefiting the wider team. Until now this insight tool has only been available for intact teams, but now individuals can reap the benefit with the new personal development profile and this half-day informative and interactive workshop.

Find out more about ‘The Five Behaviours™of a Cohesive Team model here.

Who is this workshop for?

This is an open workshop and can be attended by anyone who works within a team at any level of the business seeking to learn to improve their working relationships, impact and results.

You can book a place as an independent individual or businesses can book in employees who would benefit from attending to personal development to help support their team (these people do not need to part of the same team).

(If you have an intact team of 5 or more, and this sounds like what you need to improve performance and results, then please get in touch to discuss a bespoke workshop where we would use the 5 Behaviours ‘team’ profiling tool.)


This a half day workshop and you will;

  • You will receive a personalised profile document based on the questionnaire you complete a few days prior to the workshop.
  • You will learn about the amazing The Five behaviours™ Model and how the five interconnected behaviours TRUST | CONFLICT |COMMITMENT| ACCOUNTABILITY | RESULTS come together to create a framework for building high performing and cohesive teams.
  • You will use personalised assessment results (powered by well-known Everything DiSC® behaviour modelling) to get a better understanding of how you rate against the models five behaviours and how you can look to change habits to improve effectiveness and the part you play in your team. You’ll think about how you can use this knowledge, how you can manage yourself better, how you can engage with others in the team more effectively and bring out the best in them as well as yourself.
  • You will learn to about natural behaviour tendency and priority differences between people in teams and how to flex to get the best out of yourself and your teammates.
  • You will develop an action plan to personally develop in the model’s 5 behaviour areas, and take back learnings to your organisation for the immediate benefit for all.


COST: £227