Career Coaching supporting people to actively design and maintain a career that delivers fulfillment, empowers them to keep on achieving all they want and which supports their ever-changing life

Executive Coaching supporting leaders and managers in the development of skills to become stronger performers and deliver greater success for themselves, those they work alongside and businesses.

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Supporting organisations prioritising performance with engaging and effective training that delivers sustained individual, team and business excellence and growth.

Training Analysis
Bespoke training design
Workshop programmes
On and offline support

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Performance & Assessment

As a accredited assessment practitioner, I facilitate the exploration of traits and states of individuals, leaders and teams. This in-depth understanding helps with the consideration of strategies and helps create plans which will drive positive change and which will lead to greater effectiveness and satisfaction.
BeTalent Resilience
BeTalent Strengths
BeTalent Decision Styles
Everything DiSC ®
Five Behaviours ™

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Online booking

For convenience clients can book coaching session via my online booking calendar here