Assessment of individuals and teams enable us to gather insight quickly and effectively so that confident analysis and decisions can be made supporting selection, career planning and development..

Lumina Learning Practitioner

Lumina is a psychometric tool which is based on the Big 5 Factors of personality and is a trait-based approach. It offers a dynamic, high validity and versatile solution to support individual professional development, creating high performing teams, shaping organisational culture and selecting an onboarding the right people.

The whole person:  What makes Lumina different is the richness and uniqueness of a Lumina profile. Rather than taking a holistic approach to looking at thoughts, feelings and behaviours or drawing conclusions based on applying assumptions which other very valid tools make such as MBTi, Lumina takes what we call a whole person integrated approach and measures personality dynamics in the form of three different personas to avoid ‘boxing’ people and removing biases. The three personas are – Underlying i.e. the natural self, Everyday i.e. how we show up each day and Overextended i.e.. what happens when we are under pressure. 

Simple Data – Simple Language: Seeing people as individuals with dynamic and complex personalities using 21stcentury personality science and memorable language.

Effortlessly Virtual: Integrating the latest technology with a Lumina digital portrait and Lumina Splash App which allows for an engaging and continuous experience. Additionally, there are options to add Digital Spark Coach, Journey to Compusure and Team Viewer to profiling.

Contact me to find out about 1:1 profiling session or group workshops.

BPS Registered Test User

I am qualified, accredited and verified by the British Psychological Society in occupational ability and personality assessments. I am featured in the Register of Qualifications Test Users RQTU which means I’m qualified to administer and feedback a wide range of psychometric tests.

Ability & Aptitude tests: Standardised and reliable tests which enable you to assess typical performance when recruiting, planning individual development, talent identification and team development.

Tests available include verbal reasoning, numeracy, critical reasoning, abstract reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, general ability, clerical checking and spatial ability from a number of test providers.

15FQ+ Personality Assessment: Based on an extensively researched model, the 15FQ+ provides an in-depth assessment of the full sphere of human personality. It provides insight into how someone thinks, feels and interacts. This assessment will allow you to consider potential performance and behaviour which will help assess suitability to roles, produce development plans and inform career planning and decision making.

Motivation and interest assessments: For career guidance an assessment of vocational interests and work needs.

Interested in Ability and Personality tests?

Corporates contact me to discuss use of tests in your selection or talent development initiatives. In addition to providing administration and feedback of tests, I can also support you in job analysis and test selection to ensure the right tests are used for your needs.

Career development individualscontact me if you wish to discuss ability tests and occupational personality, motivation and interest assessments. Additionally, click for further information on career coaching programmes.

Additional assessment tools

When running workshops and individual coaching sessions here are some of the other assessment tools I am accredited in and use to support people in these are;

  • Playing to strengths
  • Decision making
  • Team collaboration
  • Leadership development
  • Personal performance development