Career Coaching for people who wish to actively design and maintain a career that delivers fulfillment, empowers them to keep on achieving all they want and which supports their ever-changing life.

Career Coaching for when you:

  • Feel stuck in a rut and can’t see the wood through the trees.
  • Have lost the love and satisfaction in your career lately but don’t know why or what’s missing.
  • Are relooking at your career based on changing life priorities such as becoming parents.
  • Find yourself forced into relooking at your career due to redundancy or the changing landscape within your industry.
  • Want to check-in with your career and ensure you are confidently heading in the right direction.

Career Coaching in practice

Career Development or Change | CV, Cover Letter & Interview Support

  • I offer a safe space and a one on one relationship which helps you explore and consider career challenges and new ideas (in person or via zoom).
  • I help you see new perspectives, spot the blocks and breakdown the beliefs which may keep you from pursuing ideas and stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • I facilitate your ability to understand your authentic self (strengths, values, passions and drivers) and then overlay this with an understanding of what’s missing or not working for you in your career.
  • I support you to crystalise your career vision and then create an action plan with boosted confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.
  • Coaching helps keep your accountable and to answer the questions you have been avoiding or not thought of asking.
  • In-person or zoom coaching options available at flexible times which suit you.
  • Career coaching progammes are normally 3-month or 6-month in length, however I also offer one-off clarity and breakthrough sessions.
  • CV, Cover Letter and Interview support – bespoke to your requirements.

My Optimum Career Formula (c) – My 4 ‘P’ formula helps you get focused, clear, confident and motivated as you lead yourself more effectively and close the gap between where you are today and where you truly want to be.