Executive Coaching supporting leaders and managers in the development of skills to become stronger performers and deliver greater success for themselves, those they work alongside and businesses.

My Executive Coaching programmes are bespoke to your challenge. Coaching areas may include: leadershipcommerciality, productivity, time & attention management, personal brand & gravitas, relationship building, managing transitions, dealing with conflict, confidence development, belief and mindset mastery, boosting energy and personal wellbeing.

We can work together in two ways;

Intervention Executive Coaching When it’s needed to help develop skills or expertise in specific performance areas or to work through a challenge or block to success – 2, 3 or 6 months bespoke programmes – in person or zoom (or combi)

Annual Support Executive Coaching: Longer-term support which focuses on specific challenges or as a monthly performance boost and check-in keeping you or your team members firing on all cylinders all year round. 12 months – in person or zoom (or combi)

Executive Coaching in practice

  • I offer a safe space and a one on one relationship which nurtures the talent and potential of an individual (in person or via zoom).
  • Being able to step away and get perspective in order to evaluate situation, challenges and ambitions is hard. Working with a coach helps maintain focus, stretch, effectiveness and wellbeing whilst ensuring accountability and action.
  • Through coaching, I help hone existing skills or develop new ones.
  • Wherever you are in your career, Executive Coaching is a powerful resource and tool to help you face challenges face on, elevate your performance and improve your delivery.
  • Executive coaching can be paid for privately or via a company sponsor. Where a sponsor is involved additional tri-party meetings will be factored into timings and costs to ensure complete clarity on goal and expectations agreement between sponsor, coach and coachee.