Maximise performance, get the pay rise or promotion you seek and achieve more

Have you hit a wall or ceiling? Do you feel like you have plateaud? Are the old ways of getting the best out of yourself not working?

Being able to move forwards and upwards continuously when you are fully immersed in the day job can be hard. Knowing you have it within you to get that next level job or not feeling recognised for the work, the skill and the potential you have to get the right pay rise can be frustrating and confusing.

Stepping back and taking time to work out why you are not achieving what you want out of your career or your performance, what you need to do to change the situation and then how you can make the change you seek happen (in that order) through coaching can speed up the process. Eliminate the frustration, confusion and dissatisfaction with where you are today and unlock the energy, focus and strategies to boost performance, confidence and know-how to fulfill your potential tomorrow.

Let me help you to…..

? Work out what’s stopping you achieving more of what you seek out of your performance

? Find the courage to stretch and push outside of your comfort zone

? Work on improving specific skills and strengths eg. leadership, confidence, negotiation, sales, decision making, communication….

? Reflect and plan how you can push through the obstacles, beliefs and habits which are holding you back

? Consider where the gaps are in your ability to demonstrate to others just how capable you are

? Set goals and action plans to achieve more

? Learn strategies which will help you feel and be more confident in selling yourself and achieving recognition

? Build your personal brand and gravitas

? Start networking more effectively, internally and externally, for greater success and recognition


Coaching programmes

I tailor these coaching programmes to your specific need. Sessions are 1-1.5hrs long and programmes range from 3-8 sessions dependent upon your challenge and goal. 

1:1 – zoom or in person  

With all coaching programmes, you will get me a certified coach, by your side to keep you on track, pushing through any discomfort and challenging yourself to think and behave differently. All programmes teach tools and strategies which can be used time and time again so you may be making a short term investment but you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

It’s my goal for you to achieve the ability to grow and transform your career, performance and life so that every day that follows is a day you are loving and excelling in your career.