Get more out of your career

When you car gets tired and stops functioning the way you need it to, you trade it in.

When your wardrobe contents are no longer making you feel like you anymore, you go shopping.

Then there is your home. To bring more joy and to give you more satisfaction you spruce it up with the right mix of accessories, colours and accents that repress you or you give it a complete overhaul to ensure it gives you more of what you want out of it.

So what about your career? When things feel tired, dull, uninspiring, frustrating and you want more out of it, how do you address the situation?

When it comes to you career it is not as simple as getting out a colour chart, hitting the shops for a quick refresh or trading one thing in for something more shiny. You have to spend time really getting to the root of the issue in order to make a longer term impact and to ensure you are not just covering up the challenge with a band aid which will fall off really quickly.

What does more look like?

That is the golden question to start wit. If you cannot understand what more is, you will find it hard to add the right things and make the right changes in your career. Rolling your sleeves up, exploring and shining the light on the right areas will help. In many occasions, more is often not what you expected or is hidden below something else.

That is where a process I call Career Reboot comes in. If you want more out of your career taking time to work out why things are not working, why you are not getting what you want and why you exactly want more is a great time investment. Then working out what it all looks like, what is in the way and what needs to happen to move you to a more comfortable, rewarding and fulfilling place. Finally, and only then looking at how you can do it and where to go.

What are the signs you need more out of your career ?

There are physical and emotional signs to look out for. Physical signs may include making mistakes, tiredness, lethargy, weight gain (many of us eat more when we are unhappy), insomnia, headaches and nausea. Some of these may feel extreme but with stress being linked to a lot of the reasons people start to feel uncomfortable in their job these are very common. For me personally, I started to lose my hair on my body and eyebrows. For one of my clients it was stomach cramps everyday.

Emotional signs will be your mood and irrititability levels at work and at home. Some of my clients have expressed the feeling of loneliness and feeling overwhelmed. Not being able to see the wood through the trees and feeling like are common metaphors which emerge when we shine a light on where they are at that moment in their career.

Other signs maybe a distinct lack of interest in the subject matter, the breaking down of relationships and a desire to learn more when learning has stopped where you are.

For others a sign has been a reassessment of priorities after a change in life situation such as marriage, children, divorce, bereavement and redundancy. These events spur a desire for more based on what is important and often a desire for more purpose in their careers.

Part of the process of rebooting is finding out exactly what is going on and why. This is the most important and often the most liberating aspect of the process.

Myths about career rebooting

A reboot means a complete overhaul. It doesn’t. You may only need to tweak a few things to feel re-energised. This is where job redrafting comes in when you know what is missing.

You will need to retrain. Career rebooting doesn’t necessarily require retraining every time. For some it may lead to a new career where transferable skills are not enough to move them easily on to a new path. However, for many small shifts in how you work or your responsibilities in your current job may all that is needed to bring you more energy and fulfilment.

You’ll get where you want instantly. Unfortunately, reboots take time but like everything we do when we assess, plan and don’t rush the end result is stronger and more satisfying.

Working on a career is for ambitious people only. Anyone deserves to make their career work for them in every way possible, whether you consider yourself ambitious and career centred, or simply want more out of the 9-5 (which let’s face it is a big part of everyone’s life ambition or not).

What will a Career Reboot give you

Confidence and energy. Clarity and focus. Strength and determination. Positivity and joy. These are just some of the words that my clients use after they have rebooted their careers. Ultimately, taking time to identify and create shifts in your career means you are taking action to design and redirect your career in a direction which will give you more of what you want out of every day. You will be ensuring you are on the right path for you, and which when you look back at your career at the end, means you will feel you maximised opportunity and potential.

Career reboot – what does it require?

Over the last five years that I have been coaching independently I have worked with lots of people who have wondered the same thing. Here are some of things I would say you will need based on their experience….

A desire to change something

Willingness to free yourself from your comfort zone

An open mind

Patience and perseverance


When I left my career of nearly 20 years in marketing, pretty much at the top my game but finding no joy in every working day, I made it my mission as a coach help others make every day a best day. What that looks like for each and everyone of us will be unique. However, what it means to all of us is the same, a chance to be and do what truly make us happy.

Check out my career coaching programme if you are ready to start making some shifts and want more out of your career. Book a free discovery call today to discuss your challenge.

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