Half year check-up & the truth about your goals

We’re well on the way into June now and suddenly reality is hitting that this means we’re half waythrough the year. Yepthat’s right! How did that happen we all cry in unison.

So before we find ourselves well on the way towards the end of the year, it’s time for a half year check-up with what you wanted from 2018.

First, point of call. How are the goals? Have you achieved some and are you halfway there on others?

Goal setting is a passion of mine. Personal experience with my own goals and when working with clients,proves that that ifyou want to achieve more in your career and your performance you need clear direction and focus. You need a point to pin your energy against. What’s more youneed the ability to check in, monitor your own progression and create accountability.

So, back to the question. How are the 2018 goals?

If your answer is a celebratory dance because you are on track and moving forward, then give yourself a huge pat on the back. Make sure you can find a way to celebrate your success. You are rocking the year. But do read on for more tips for fine-tuning as you never know there maybeways you can rock the year even more!

However, if there isn’t a celebratory dance. If your goals and ambitions for 2018 are still lying deflated on the floor needing a little love, attention and energising to start to materialise, don’t be too hard on yourself. Pushing yourself to achieve more and make changes is tough. Life gets in the way and not all goal setting works.

The truth about goals is they only work …..

  • If they really mean something to you: If you have an emotional connection and will know the pain you will feel when you don’t attain them. That’s where motivationlies to pursue your goals. Make sure they are aligned to what you want not because others are asking you to do something. Definitely not because you are looking at others thinking ‘that’s what ishould be doing’.
  • If they are specific: Being too broad or giving yourself too many things to aim for eliminates your ability to focus. It opens the door to overwhelm plus its friend procrastination.
  • When they are aligned to your bigger career and life vision:Annual goals should be the stepping stones towards what you really want to sit back in your rocking chair when you are in your 90s feeling proud, happy and fulfilled with about your life.  Be crystal clear on your life purpose and fundamental ‘why?’ of your goals to inspire yourself.
  • When they make you feel empowered: If you confidently own something you are more likely to feel the personal power to drive it forward. If you are waiting for someone else to make the decisions and take the actions you may well be left waiting and waiting. If you are finger pointing and blaming others for stalling then you are not taking responsibility to lead yourself.
  • If you can picture your desired end result: There is power in positive visualisation. This is the focused act of persuading the unconscious brain through repetitive messages. The clearer you become on your goal vision – what it looks, feels, smells and tastes like, the more likely you will manifest it.
  • If you believe in them: All the visualisation and positive self-talk in the world will not drive you to success if you don’t actually believe you can achieve your end goal. Work on the limiting beliefs and the mind monkey chatter. These dilute your positive and empowering beliefs and feed your fear and self doubt.
  • If they stretch you or your situation: A goal that is too easy will never motivate you to push yourself. Aim to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. But, don’t go too far as this will have the adverseeffect and feed the fear!
  • If there is a deadline: It’s more of a wish if you don’t set yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve anything. No end date masks lack ofcommitment and belief in your goal.
  • If you accept setbacks as a learning:If you gave up earlier in the year because of a problem along the way, then now is the time to turn this experience on its head. It’s time to see the failure as a driver through learning. Being able to inspire yourself and keep moving with the downs as well as the ups is a big self-leadership mindset shift.
  • If you are working on them continually: That doesn’t mean everydaybut achieving goals does require a level of commitment. Always ensure you keep moving forward with small steps constantly towards your goals.

We still have a full half year to achieve more of what we want. So, take time in the next couple of weeks to give yourself a half year check-up. What are the priorities? Where are you with your goals? What’s getting in the way? What from the list above is true when you think about your goals? How can you start to lead yourself more effectively?

Adjust and reset your goals. It’s time to ensure you are all set to achieve more of what you really want in 2018 and ultimately your the life plan starting right now.

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