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6 habits we can learn from our holidays to boost mood and productivity

One thing I notice every year is how I step into habits on holiday which if we could keep them up when I got back into the flow of work they would really help boost mood and productivity more consistently.

Here are 6 habits I’m going to make a conscious effort to maintain.

When we just dip our toes in the water we give into hesitation. 

Have you ever noticed that you or those around you have a little habit of dipping a toe in the pool water before you get in? Just like with our projects, conversations, new ventures etc. if we just dip our toes in it’s a great start but it gives way to hesitation and can even send us in to retreat. Now, treading carefully is good, caution does no harm, but we all know that when we eventually get into those cold swimming pools we suddenly find it’s not as bad as we thought. In fact, it’s actually much warmer and quite comfortable once we get submerged! So remember, keep going and push through any hesitation no matter how cold things feel initially when you start. Lead yourself to push through the fear and you’ll eventually feel more comfortable.

Mindfulness not mindlessness

Whether you are on an action-packed adventure holiday or just crashing by a pool there will be moments during any holiday when you feel peace, calm and tranquillity and started to ‘breathe’ properly. As we release the tension on our holidays we often adopt the art of mindfulness without realising it. We zone out, focus on the moment and find our mind and body nourished by the benefit of physically and mentally slowing down. Treasuring the moments of silence and stillness? How can you embrace the habit of mindfulness at home so you can, breathe and release tensions regularly?

The more we can encourage and release our curious nature the greater our personal growth and ultimate success

We have become very reliant on technology and it’s impacting on how adventurous and how much we experience for ourselves. Being led to the right place and in the quickest time by sat navs is great but what could we be missing?  What’s more, when we get to our destination we’ve already immersed ourselves through online search and reviews that we don’t allow ourselves the luxury of exploring for ourselves and experiencing the unknown. Curiosity is a key foundation for great self leadership, for idea generation, for teamwork and for personal effectiveness so how can you start to be more curious and less reliant on technology for instant answers?

Leading ourselves to manage stress and pressure more effectively is not just important for our health and our output, but also for our social connections and interactions.

It starts to come with the sun, through the enjoyment of great food and the relaxing atmosphere but mostly it comes from the release of tension and the elimination of our stress and pressure. Simply put we’re all better people to be around when we are on our holidays! We’re better company because we smile more, we ooze more positivity, we snap less, we talk about more interesting things, we’re more approachable, we have more patience and acceptance and we find less fault in others. Being nicer results in positive wellbeing and energises us. It has a ripple effect too.

Don’t leave ‘energising moments and switching off’ to holidays make the most of all your free time

Whatever your style of holiday, pottering or lounging or adventuring three key things should have been achieved– rest, relaxation and greater energy. Switching off and engaging in new activities, new surroundings, being with friends and family, no matter how busy you are whilst doing it, will leave you in an amazingly effective and inspired state to be your best when you return to work. Weekends and other downtime moments can often become repetitive, you can so easily default to seeing the same faces and doing the same activities. So make a promise to do more with your free time at home which will create energy and allow you to properly switch off.

Accept the world of work still turns effectively without you and don’t let the fear of absence prevent you from enjoying and planning downtime.

It’s not just because you left fantastic hand over notes, had projects at a great point or no issues arose whilst you were away. The fact is that our work can survive and keep ticking when we take time out. That doesn’t make us dispensable or that we’ve put unnecessary pressure on others, it’s simply a fact of life and example of how resourceful and effective others are at managing our absence when they have to. So next time you worry about taking some time out remember this. The world of work still turns effectively even with out you.

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