How to reflect to achieve more

Not only does reflection enable you to gather valuable knowledge it also allows you to boost the positive vibes through your mind and body as you acknowledge just how much you’ve achieved, changed, faced, battled and have grown. These positive vibes will help lift you into the right mindset to gain clarity and focus on what you want to achieve in the months ahead.

Carving out time to reflect may feel like a luxury or you may believe you have enough insight from the year to steer your direction for the coming months. However, reflection is more than just remembering what you did. It gives you an opportunity to fill your personal suitcase with great insight from what you didn’t do, your feelings, thoughts, behaviour and habits.

To achieve your desired outcomes you need to take action. Reflection places you in a confident place in mind and body to ensure you are ready for action. It allows you to align yourself with your success principles, set realistic goals and it makes mapping out the year ahead so much easier and enjoyable.

Here are my simple top tips for reflection.

Give yourself time.

Don’t squash it in to a spare 10 minutes, reflection deserves proper attention. As with all personal development, the more time you invest the more of a return you’ll experience. A good reflection session should be an hour or two then revisited after a few days and weeks as you move into planning the year ahead.

Break it down into chunks

Breaking reflection into chunks will help focus you. Go over months or quarters or projects and group things together – activities, experiences, relationships, learnings, successes, mishaps. Enjoy reminiscing, be curious and dig deep into the memory banks to extract your achievements, feelings, obstacles you faced and how you performed both in mind and in action.

Explore your successes

Too often we enjoy jubilation in the moment and forget to capture what worked and why. Don’t just note down what you did go that bit deeper and capture details of how you did it, problems you encountered, overcame and how it felt.

Celebrate the mishaps and setbacks

This isn’t a time to get caught up in negativity but it is the time to lookmistakes and setbacks in the eye and capture your learnings. Ensure that you celebrate as you reflect on how these have helped you grow and improve as a performer.

Create anchors

For every success and achievementyou capture engage with the feelings, emotions, words and other senses you felt at those times. Anchoring these success states will engage a positive mindset and drive perseverance under pressure in the future.

It doesn’t have to be done alone

A different perspective works wonders for breakthroughs and knowledge. It’s been a long year – can you remember everything alone? Ask colleagues, friends, partners or engage a personal coach to help capture everything of value and steer you through reflection.

Capture it

Get a fresh notebook or set up a digital folder (whatever works for you) to centralise your thoughts and reflections in one place.

A new habit

If you are just starting out with reflection it’s a great habit to form. Building a habit of continuous reflection into your working practice will keep you focused and aligned to your goals.Kick start the process of daily or weekly journaling and you’ll maximise new habit.

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