I step-changed ​my effectiveness when I beat the personal pressure trap.-

This month I’ve targeted myself to be more effective. To do this I’m starting with analysing my own habits and mindset which impact on how I show up each day at work and at home. One area over the years which has become very evident as a major impact on my effective levels is my tendency to put myself under a huge amount of personal pressure.

We can blame others, (society, our bosses and partners mostly spring to mind), but when it comes down to it, the responsibility for a lot of the pressure we feel everyday comes from our own thoughts and subsequent actions. Personal pressure can be one of our most self sabotaging habits.

If you are anything like me then personal pressure can come very easily and with no off button. It brings along frustration and annoyance. But despite recognising the negative energy of personal pressure, there is an internal inner whisper from the mind monkey which keeps you pushing and holding down the pressure button come what may.

Pressure to be perfect, pressure to always be ‘doing’ something, pressure to do what others are doing, pressure to do more……..

The list of where I put pressure on myself is built up from every category – work, relationships, friendships, parenting, health, exercise, eating, personal growth….. This is when pressure leads to overwhelm. On the plus side pressure pushes you to be your best and excel so there is some advantage but by doing so without a level of reality it also can lead to a negative impact on your overall wellbeing, performance and effectiveness.

If we want to be more effective the simple thing is we have to give ourselves a break and release some if not all of the personal pressure. At least the unnecessary and unrealistic pressure. Easier said than done. But by focusing on being kind and respecting ourselves, loving and valuing ourselves and managing our own standards and expecations, we can start to stepchange the way we show up and operate each day. We can cut back on personal pressure when we put our mind to it. Through this mindset shift and by recognising and kicking down limiting beliefs which fire up the mind monkey chatter which charge our personal pressure tendencies, we give ourselves more space and freedom to become more present in the moment and end up in most cases doing more and being more effective.

Finding a way to give myself a break I developed a bank of empowering beliefs as a self leadership strategy which include….

  • ‘Nothing’ is that important to push yourself to breaking point
  • Things will work out in the end – they always have so far….
  • There is no such thing as perfect (if there was then we’d all be average!)
  • Who cares what other people think, only my opinion really counts
  • Falling short or mishaps are a necessity for personal growth not a sign of disappointment or failure
  • It’s ok to sometimes sit down and do nothing
  • No one does their best under pressure
  • Feeling crap inside regularly is not acceptable
  • Comparison is the thief of joy (that one’s from Theodore Roosevelt)
  • I’m as healthy as I can be right now and it’s ok

AND one of the most powerful empowering thoughts I find really helps is….

  • Behind closed doors no one is living a magazine life, has their shit together everyday and isn’t struggling with managing ‘life/work’ in some way despite what they present to the outside world.

Take time to work out where you are putting too much pressure on yourself, break down limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs and start today to give yourself a well deserved break from unnecessary pressure and see your effectiveness levels rise.

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