Leadership development through blindspots

Getting feedback from your colleagues and team can be uncomfortable and daunting even for the most confident, especially when what you really want and need to find out is the stuff you cannot see which others can. We often shy away from seeking feedback in case we may hear things that may hurt us or highlight a weakness. However, seeking feedback is one of the most effective and valuable self-leadership approaches you can tap into to help you identify your blind spots. Blind spots are the rich areas for you to focus on to grow and unlock your potential for greater performance as a leader.

What if unbeknown to you;
– the way you speak makes someone shrink away and hold back their ideas
– the fact you play with our hair when you present portrays lack of confidence
– your email tone is rude and upsetting a teammate impacting their mood and ultimate ability to focus and be productive during a day
– that your constant lateness creates a sense of panic and chaos for those around you
– that you underestimate how much time and effort it will take someone else to do tasks

Your blindspots will be limiting your effectiveness to lead yourself and your team. Seeking out feedback gives you something to work with to address the reasons you may be struggling to motivate others, drive collective productivity, and create transformations.

Understanding your blindspots is not just about finding out weaknesses. You can also discover areas of strength. Many a time my coaching clients are surprised when people around them feedback strengths which they themselves just took for granted. They failed to recognise the level of influence, uniqueness and skill they had in these areas. In this instance the insight boost confidence and motivation. It can also help focus attention on career development decisions as well as allow you to play to specific strengths as you lead others.

Awareness is the key to personal and professional development and asking for feedback from others and using tools such as JOHARI’s window and personality assessments such as 15FQ+ with a coach can help shine a light on insight which will step change your performance and career.

Keeping stuff in the blindspot helps no one or no team. So, if you are resistant to asking for feedback seek to shift your perception that it should be feared to the idea that it is the route to better productivity, relationships and leadership of others.

Want to find out your blind spots and create an action plan for leadership development book a free discovery call to find out how coaching can help you.

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