Helping develop leader’s who inspire, create impact and achieve with confidence

Being in the position to flourish as a leader with behaviours and capabilities that ensure you and your organisations stay ahead in today’s complex, uncertain and competitive workplace, is of upmost importance growth and survival.

As a leadership consultant and coach, myself with over 15 years extensive board level experience within businesses moving through change and growth, I can help you strategise and plan your own or organisation leadership development programmes as well as facilitate the education and coaching of your leaders.



Working closely with you, a bespoke programme will be designed and developed to meet your individual or collective leadership requirements supporting business vision and strategy. This can include one to one coaching, skills training and collective facilitation which support development areas such as;

  • Career progression
  • Role transition
  • Developing an authentic, inclusive and transformational leadership style
  • Mindset shifts to broaden thinking and effectiveness
  • Breaking down the internal barriers to effective leadership
  • Learning to adapt and flex to deal with change and uncertainty quickly
  • Building on personal capability through identification of strengths and opportunity
  • Managing anxiety, imposter syndrome and self doubt
  • Unlocking ideas and vision
  • Effective people skills for better communication, management and relationships
  • Building trust and respect from those you lead
  • Communication and feedback skills
  • Improving team work and collaboration
  • Learn to understand and manage emotions intelligently to maximise your own and teams performance and wellbeing
  • Optimising culture & engagement
  • Developing executive presence, ability to attain respect from others
  • Remote leadership – breaking down the barriers to success
  • Leadership Wellbeing – introducing PERMA
  • Developing Resilience & Psychological Capital


If you are seeking to invest in your own leadership development I offer 1:1 coaching at an affordable personal self self-funding rate.

Programme: Thrive (3 or 6 month support)

Whether you are new to leadership or have been in the role for while being able to navigate the changing world of work and team direction may feel uncomfortable and challenging at times. A sign of a strong leader is one who shows vulnerability and willingness to shine a light on their own development needs.

Through this coaching programme which can be run to your preferred time scale and focus, you will take time to focus on your developmental needs so that you continue to build high quality relationships with your team and peers. Reviewing, building and reflecting on behaviours, mindset and strategies you will empower yourself to be the best leader you can and therefore ensure career success as you take time to address how you can ‘Thrive’ as a leader.

Potential areas of focus within Thrive programmes;

  • Self leadership – understand your inner world and build emotional awareness to empower yourself to channel your emotions and decisions effectively.
  • Authenticity – learn to show up as your true authentic self and in service to those you work with so that you build stronger relationships, trust and energy with your team
  • Mindset – develop your ability to approach your working day with a growth mindset to optimise your ability to spot opportunities, motivate and ability to navigate challenging situations.
  • Strengths discovery – explore and acknowledge the strengths which help you achieve success with energy .
  • Leadership style – audit your style, define the leader you want to be and assess the behaviours needed to achieve this vision.
  • Career vision and advancement – check in with your career plan and ensure that you have clarity around your vision, purpose and goals in order to keep advancing in your career.
  • Influence and impact – create powerful connections, define team high performance and learn to read and respond to people positively in order
  • Communication & Feedback – learn to positively and proactively engage your team in constructive and feedback discussions which develop and do not demotivate performance
  • Confidence – understand barriers to speaking up and feeling courageous in the workplace
  • Motivation & Coaching – strategise how to keep yourself motivated as well as how to energise and get the best out of your team
  • Talent management – explore your strength in diagnosing talent needs, goal-setting, career planning and inclusivity
  • Conflict management – learn to spot, listen and act more confidently when conflict arises and increase capability to engage in difficult conversations.
  • Delegation with empathy – explore how to create the space to truly lead and to help empower and grow your team, by learnings strategies and mindset shifts which help you delegate efficiently and effectively
  • Wellbeing – lay the foundations which enable you to be positive, energised, resilient and driven more days than not by focusing on what you need to thrive.

Programme: The Resilient Leader (2 months)

Leadership can be lonely and complex. Working within the fast-paced change and the uncertain world and workplaces we find ourselves in today can be frustrating, frightening and exhausting. However, with the right thinking style, personal strategies and behaviours, you can manage your wellbeing and performance more effectively. Achieving the results you seek but doing it with greater control, confidence and strength. This programme takes you through my 6 steps to resilience which deliver positive wellbeing and performance.

Programme: Breakthrough session (2hrs)

For those times when you need to work through a specific challenge related to leadership I offer a 2 hr breakthrough session to find clarity, generate ideas and strategise action.