My Top 5 tips to end the year on a high and make 2020 a success

As we come to the closure of another year there are 5-things I encourage you to do as you slow down, reset and recharge. 5 things which will ensure you align yourself with action and professional growth from the start of the year. Get set to make 2020 a success.

Celebrate your successes

No matter how big or small, brainstorm all the successes you had from January to December. What made you feel proud, what made the heart sing and what made you grow. Shining a light on what you achieved is a sure-fire way to end the year on a high.

Change the plans not the goals

Maybe you haven’t achieved what you wanted out of 2019 and if this is the case it is too easy to dismiss the goal as impossible. However, it’s unlikely to be the goal that is the problem but the plan to get there. Maybe the goal is still an intention, perhaps it’s covered in confusion and fog or maybe you haven’t got your finger on the ‘why’ and a motivational reason to go after it. Before you set new goals and dump the old, take time to adjust or create a plan of action on your old goals.

Reflect to learn

Every step we take should be a moment of development. However, we often don’t have enough space and time to reflect and learn along the way. With reflection, we can develop quicker and with more agility. So, grab a notebook and pen and list all the things which have happened to you with regards to your career and performance. Then, alongside each event note down one learning you can take away from the experience. The more you can list the greater the chance of seeing patterns and taking forward insight which can help shape your goals and focus for the new year.

Set your annual success criteria

Every year we should start with goals just resolutions and intentions. The clearer your goals are the more specific and measurable they will be. The easier it then comes to commit and hold yourself accountable to change and development. One way of approaching this is by writing a list of success criteria. Ask yourself what will success look like for you by the end of 2020? With this knowledge, you can work back and set quarterly goals.


When you bring your vision of success to life with criteria the more you will be able to see the impact, get motivated and believe in your goals. Vision boarding is a great way to capture your vision for the year and something to keep by your side as a reminder of what you are aiming for. If you don’t want to create a vision board then simply sitting quietly, shutting your eyes, breathing slowly and heading into a form of meditative thinking with a focus on your vision can be extremely helpful.

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