Manage the critical voice inside with these top tips

I’m running a workshop this week at an authors conference which will shine a light on the part our inner critic and beliefs play in building and knocking our confidence.

Many are seeking support on the imposter within and a constant fear of failure. Many are living in the shadows of an internal critic whispering words judgement, criticism and doubt which forces them to focus on perfection, to keep researching rather than creating, to keep them safe instead of stepping outside of their comfort zone and are focusing to quickly on the idea of failure rather than all the positive moments of success.

If this resonates, here are 4 tips to help you manage the whispering critic.

1. Remind yourself – the negative whispers you hear are a point of view & not fact.

2. Eliminate a belief for perfection – use personal rules & ambitions as your guide not as the holy grail.

3. With every negative word you hear there will be an empowering belief which will help challenge your negative thought. Remind yourself of your achievements, successes, positive feedback and self-worth and use intentional self-talk to confront the whispering critic within.

4. Get to know your whispering critic – name it & visualise it – this will enable you to separate it from your inner wisdom voice and to spot it quickly so that you don’t follow it unconsciously.

Lead yourself to success.

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