Career confusion – Managing Overwhelm – Restlessness – Wellbeing

Mid-life is a time for freedom, liberation and redefined purpose. It’s where competency, a new perspective and confidence can help you live work and life to the fullest. It’s a time where you can reinvent yourself, re-engage with what you use to love and spend time boosting your performance system to make sure you achieve more of your true vision of success for yourself and those around you.’ I define this period as the ‘mid-life ramble’.

Mid-life is a time for freedom, liberation and redefined purpose.

The themes of mid life reinvention, restlessness, self doubt and overwhelm often come hand in hand with my clients coaching challenges. I have therefore added a number of programmes to my portfolio to help specifically with these needs. Through these programmes I seek to help people navigate this period of their career and life confidently and armed with strategies which will enable them to always feel control, focused, energised and balanced.


Coaching programmes

My coaching programmes get results which will transform yourself and situation. Example programmes are below for reference. However, no one coaching journey has ever been the same and I tailor each programme to your specific challenge.

GET YOUR GROOVE BACK 6 WEEK ONLINE GROUP COACHING Do you ever wish you could push pause, slow down and create positive changes which would enable you to reclaim control of time, your identity, your career and your ability to optimise your life not just everyone else’s? In this programme I will help you find space to think, reset, re-energise and redirect yourself more effectively. NEXT PROGRAMME STARTS OCTOBER 2019 – register interest here for early bird discount and I’ll contact you when registration starts

Build awareness and understanding of who you are today, what you want and how you can improve your ability to achieve your redefined vision of success. Learn advanced strategies to create positive change in career, time, confidence, wellbeing and balance with 1:1 coaching tailored to your specific needs. 3 months -1:1 – zoom or in person 

My signature career coaching programme takes you through a period of reflection, recalibration and redirection. Working with my ‘career formula 4 pillars’ and your agreed goal, we improve self awareness, we crystalise vision, reassess your purpose, passion, priorities and strengths. Evaluate current beliefs and behaviour. Master the mindset which will get the results you need and want. Formulate ideas and create confident decisions to empower change, reengagement, advancement or personal growth. 4 -6 months  – 1:1 – zoom or in person 

For those who want to attend to a specific challenge and make an instant transformation this one off call helps you explore, delve under the surface, raise awareness, strategise and create action. 1 call lasting 1-1.5hrs – 1:1 – zoom 

With all coaching programmes, you will get me a certified coach, by your side to keep you on track, pushing through any discomfort and challenging yourself to think and behave differently. All programmes teach tools and strategies which can be used time and time again.

It’s my goal for you to achieve the ability to transform your career and life so that you keep loving and excelling.