Overwhelm, a shower and the leader within

Bare with me if you think this sounds like a bit of an odd post. I have been working really well recently. Feeling effective, motivated and full of positivity, with ideas aplenty and action to match the thinking. You know that feeling when everything seems to be clicking into place on something you have been debating or working towards.  When you actually have space and time to focus and find it relatively easy to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

And then it happens.

With a bang enters the curveball, a new perspective and a challenge which brings with it the potential for chaos and overwhelm. The brain goes into overdrive and suddenly the space and focus you had is filled with noise and confused thinking. Positivity is replaced by anxiety. Action starts to slow or stops completely. Procrastination kicks in.

For me, my curveball was an email early last week which posed a question which then played on my mind for a few days. Then yesterday someone else gave me some insight which challenges my ideas.

The thing is when you are thinking and working on something so much it is bound to happen. If you are so positive and comfortable with something you will talk about it more openly and therefore you invite feedback. And with any uncertainty, there will always be fear lurking, with your gremlin ready to strike and fill the mind with doubt.  Curveballs are expected and it’s how you can manage yourself through a period of unsettled thinking and avoid overwhelm which demonstrates your true effectiveness and potential. You have to engage the leader within.

It’s not simple, but it is easier with a Self-leadership mindset and a toolbox of strategies which enable you to quickly and effectively regroup and move forward. To manage the overwhelm and the gremlin when you notice it showing up.

One of my personal and favourite strategies is the shower – yep we got there. It may sound silly as a strategy and may not necessarily be your solution. But that’s the thing about Self-leadership strategies, they are personal and come from your own insight and self-awareness. For me more often or not it’s when I’m in the shower that things get back into perspective. It’s where suddenly my leader from within starts to coach me effectively, calm me and help clear the mind of fog, negativity and overwhelm. I’m not sure why – perhaps it’s the soothing nature of the water, the closed off sensation from the world, the lack of interruption or even just breaking from one task to another.

Self-leadership strategies come in many forms and quirks when you understand yourself. Now let me say I don’t get stuck and then just jump in the shower don’t get me wrong. There is a time and place for every strategy! The point I’m making in this post is that the key to ensuring you keep overwhelm at bay is a good level of strong self-awareness. Then with this insight, you can manage your thinking and your actions to ensure you maintain performance effectiveness as your own leader.

The power of ‘Engaging your leader within’ can transform your performance and effectiveness and will ensure overwhelm remains in hand.

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