Career Change & Transition

Design a career you can say you love

Time is precious and it is not renewable. This is why I’m passionate about helping people take a confident and proactive approach to managing their career. To help push through natural resistance and understand blocks which stop people designing a career which allows them to feel fulfilled and satisfied every day. I believe that when it comes to our career, there should be no settling for simply liking what we do, and definitely no doing what we really don’t enjoy more often than not. When we love something it fills us with energy, it fulfills and satisfies, it gives back and it motivates us to do more. This is what I will help you bring into your career pathway.

Let me help you to…..

🌟 Start loving your career by confidently shaping it to be aligned to your current needs, wants and success criteria

🌟 Eliminate dissatisfaction, frustration, restlessness and any sense of feeling stuck

🌟 Stop dreaming and start taking action

🌟 Do more of what you really want and less of what you don’t

🌟 Design your success, crystalise your vision and stay on track

🌟 Stop the overwhelm of change and transition, and start to see the wood through the trees

🌟 Learn strategies to ensure you can lead yourself confidently through uncertainty and decision processes

🌟 Commit to finding the time, space and accountability to see through desired change and personal growth


My signature career coaching programme can be tailored to your challenge and situation. I take you through a period of reflection, recalibration and redirection over a 3-6 month period.
Working with my ‘career formula 4 pillars’ and a clear goal, we improve self-awareness, crystalise vision, reassess your purpose, passion, priorities and personal powers (strengths/ skills). We evaluate current beliefs and behaviour working out what’s working and what could be tripping you up or holding you back.
Through this bespoke programme, you will master a self-leadership mindset which will help you move forward and keep on moving even when things get in the way. You will feel clearer, more focused, be able to formulate ideas, create confident decisions and start to shape your career effectively to give you more of what you need and want for future success. 1:1 – zoom or in person.

With all coaching, you will get me a certified coach, by your side to keep you on track, pushing through any discomfort and challenging yourself to think and behave differently. I help you learn tools and strategies which can be used time and time again so you may be making a short term investment but you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

It’s my goal for you to achieve the ability to grow and transform your career, performance and life so that every day that follows is a day you are loving and excelling in your career.