Confidence Coaching

Understanding and then managing your self-belief, self-esteem and self-confidence helps you keep moving forward with career growth, change, project delivery and it helps promote positive personal wellbeing.

Confidence means different things to each of us. It’s personal and can come in ebbs and flows in our life and career. Not only can a bout of low confidence affect where we are in our career but it can also leave us feeling anxious and low on a daily basis.

Through a bespoke coaching programme, I will help you shine a light on what’s going in the inner world which is affecting your ability to feel confident and take confident steps. You’ll find clarity and focus in order to work on the beliefs and self-doubt which are limiting your ability to shine as bright as you can or achieve what you want out of your performance and career. You’ll define and connect with your strengths, skills and personal attributes, your powers, so that you develop greater self-belief and self-confidence as you go about achieving more of what you want. You’ll learn strategies to lead yourself better whenever you feel confidence levels fall, so that you can get out of your own way and keep your positive wellbeing in check.

How could working on confidence help your career?

🌟 Become a stronger networker

🌟 Increase visibility through media channels as you develop your personal brand

🌟 Believe in your skills and experience to sell yourself to future or current employers

🌟 Lead your team more effectively

🌟 Build more effective relationships

🌟 Manage conflict at work

🌟 Develop as a public speaker

🌟 Develop gravitas and your personal brand

🌟 Manage your time and overwhelm

🌟 Improve your personal wellbeing.


Confidence coaching takes the form of a 6 session programme tailored to your goal normally over a 2 month period to help you get unstuck take, action and feel better within yourself.

Sessions last 1 to 1.5hrs – 1:1 in person or via zoom