Work Smarter

Manage Overwhelm, productivity and personal systems

‘You can do anything, not everything’ Dave Allen

In today’s 24/7 world, working smarter is more important than ever. The truth is you may utter those words ‘I need more time’ but you don’t. You need to learn how to make the most of the 24 hours each day you have. This means learning to give the right things the attention in the right order. To change habits that may have served you in the past but no longer serve you well right now. To manage the beliefs which feed a need for perfection or any tendency to keep on saying yes! Being busy can be energising, but only if it comes with being productive and with no stress and overwhelm.

Let me help you to….

🌟 Update your personal operating system and processes based on up to date priorities and responsibilities

🌟 Change the self-sabotaging beliefs and habits which stop you effectively managing the hours in the day

🌟 Learn to prioritise effectively, beat procrastination and set boundaries to enable your best performing self to emerge

🌟 Create systems and processes which will change the way you manage your workload

🌟 Learn to manage your attention not your time

🌟 Stop feeling overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated with yourself

🌟 Learn strategies to ensure you can lead yourself confidently and effectively through change and transition

🌟 Learn to make time for better wellbeing

🌟 Stop losing the daily battle of balancing life and work

Coaching programmes

I tailor ‘Work Smarter’ coaching programmes to your specific need. Sessions are 1-1.5hrs long and programmes range from 3-8 sessions dependent upon your challenge and goal. Zoom or In Person.