Recalibration for continued career success

Our personal growth is a result of our everyday experiences, insight we gather, the choices we are making and the fast pacedever changing worldwe live in. With growth comes personal changes. Just like we look different on the outside we are different on the inside. Subtle changes which may go unnoticed but which after a timecan affect the way we apply ourselves,can deal with situations, how we view the world around us and how we show up each day. So how can we make sure that we are operating to our best and making the best of our careers if we are forever changing?

My focus as a coach is to help people confidently design, direct and shine in careers they love and can thrive in. A fundamental part of this is supporting people to understand that as they change they need to stop and recalibrate their personal operating system to ensure they are firing on all cylinders, eliminating unhelpful habits and negative thinking and following the most fulfilling career path.

Have you ever got frustrated that suddenly the tried and tested ways of working and thinking don’t seem to be giving you the results you want or have done in the past?

Are you finding it hard to make sense of thinking, perhaps feeling out of alignment of where you are in your career, less passionate about walking into the office every day or finding it hard to inspire yourself to progress?

Are you feeling that everyone or everything around you is to blame for how slow you are progressing; how unhappy you are and how tough it is to achieve what you want?

Then I’d pose this question to you. Do you need to recalibrate?

Recalibrating means taking time to step back, reflect and determine exactly who you are right now, what will make you happy and how you can actively lead yourself effectively to achieve more of what you want and love in your career and life.

Here are 5 reasons why recalibration of our personal operating system regularly will lead to continued career success.

shine a light on your priorities

We are unlikely to be the same person we were in our teens, twenties, thirties and so on and if we’ve not homed in on what is important to us – our core values and priorities – at our particular stage of life. A big sign we are unaligned to our values and priorities is a sense of missing something or a hole which no matter what you do you can’t seem to fill. Taking time to reflect on what makes us tick, what’s important to us and what we value allows us to reset our compass and start to steer ourselves to build a career and life with more of what we love to do and less of what isn’t important to us.

clarity on your career path

Complacency, comfort zone and beliefs can keep us stuck within the confines of one idea of a career. Reality is that in today’s world we are not destined to have just one career. But without recalibrationtoo many of us stay stuck, frustrated and uninspired on an out of date career pathway. When we recalibrate, we take time to explore exactly what excites us, our skills, strengths and passions. Setting career goals based on what is important to us and a personal set of success criteria helps bring clarity to your career pathway which can then be turned into vision, strategy and an action plan to help you get there confidently.


A need for recalibration isn’t because something is broken. It’s unlikely you need fixing you just need to focus on improving and realigning yourself in certain areas in order to function and perform better. When anything has been going for a long time it’s very likely to be tired and ofneedof a boost to re-energise it. And ashumanswe are no different. When you recalibrate, you connect with doing more of what you love, align yourself once more with your values and start to focus on using more of the skills, strengths and personal strategies which will make things easier. You achieve a natural boost. The end result is a more confident andreenergisedyou.

Kill off negative whispers

With experience, we build a bank of personal stories and beliefs which can lead to unhelpful negative energy and chatter inside. When we recalibrate, we take time to spot the helpful personal stories, those that can give us empowering beliefs to spur us on, to take risks and push through fear. We also learn to notice and challenge the stories in our heads which are holding us back, feeding the negative whispers of our inner gremlins and doing us no good. The outcome, a bank of empowering beliefs, ability to make peace with past experiences, recognising them as fact or fiction and a greater focus on a future full of positive thinking.

Identify opportunity for growth

If we don’t stop and reflect on our strengths, skills and situation we are closing our eyes to opportunity. Through coaching, I love it when clients have amazing aha moments throughout the experience. Particularly those which come with a realisation of how much more they have to offer and what more the world has to offer them. Once we open our eyes to unseen opportunities, and with a recalibrated operating system, the freedom of choice and new experiences are the kick start you need to personal growth.

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