Spoilt for choice

Often I see clients who say they are stuck. It’s a horrible place to be. I know from personal experience. You know something is wrong but you don’t know how to lead yourself effectively forward. You strongly believe all doors are shut, there are too many obstacles in the way and uncertainty is too uncomfortable.

The reality is that often when we feel stuck it is not because we are lacking options but because we are spoilt for choice.

Decision making is hard as we all know the future is not set but our mind gives a good attempt at filling us with doom, gloom, fear and anxiety as if we have a crystal ball. You know those internal conversations – what if? maybe it’s a mistake? Better the devil you know? etc.

However, even when we feel we are not being decisive we are in fact making a decision, the decision to do nothing.

Beginning a process of reframing and exploring to include the powerful question ‘What if I did nothing?’ can bring greater clarity and focus. This question helps you to see the reality of the consequence of standing still, of deciding to do nothing. It forces you focus on the bigger picture of what you are seeking and the ultimate goal in mind. When you ask this question remember to capture your emotions as well as your thoughts too – sometimes the answer lies not just in words but in feelings.

Give it a go and see how effective this one powerful question is to break a period of indecision.

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