Take time to career reset this September with these 5 tips

With the last bank holiday this year before Christmas now behind us, and with September fast approaching isn’t it time to hit the career reset button? Let’s call it ‘checking in with ourselves and our careers’ to make sure everything is running as it should and how you planned at the beginning of the year.

Whether you are in a new job or longstanding position. Whether you are full-time, part-time, business owner, freelancer or on a career break, a period of career resetting puts you back in control of where you are heading and what you ultimately want out of your career. It gets you focused and feeling confident. It ensures you have clear goals and the support, ideas and resources you need to take you to the next stage.

It’s no surprise that September is after January the biggest month for gym sign-ups and healthy eating. It’s a natural time to check in with oneself and self-correct bad habits and pathways. It is a great time to take on board any niggles and pains you may have been ignoring or avoiding.  To celebrate the successes and take learning from failures. To ensure you are aligned with your success criteria and that your career is enabling you to live the life you seek. To ask yourself some clear questions which will help energise and motivate you for the final months of 2019 into next year.

My 5 tips to make the most of September as a career reset moment are;

  • Review your goals and set new SMART goals for September through to January. Make sure in this process you are kind to yourself, don’t be too hard on your lack of progress towards goals if things have not moved in the way you had hoped. Make sure you understand why they haven’t and then rework your goals. However, also don’t let yourself off the hook! If you promised yourself you’d get a promotion, be a stronger leader or even change career because you hate your job and want to leave and it’s yet to be achieved, don’t walk away from the dream. Work out what’s been in the way and be honest with yourself as to how motivated you are to achieve what you wanted. This insight will open your eyes to more effective ways to self motivate and help you find strategies to overcome the hurdles in the way.


  • Connect with your vision of success for 2020 (it’s never too early to think about next year) – what will it look like, smell like and feel like. Visualise to really engage and then work backwards to get focused on what needs to change or to be worked on right now.


  • Ask for feedback. If you want a promotion or pay rise, ask your boss or your teammates what and where they feel you need to focus attention specifically. If you are feeling unsettled or unhappy, talk to those in your life who see your moods and behaviour daily, who also hear how you talk and what you say in a way maybe you are blind too. Get another perspective, identify your blind spots and get clear on your potential areas for development and focus.


  • Don’t just think, create an action plan. Chunk it down into monthly tasks. Add a reward to incentivise your commitment. Too many people get caught in the thinking part of any form of reset and forget to get clear on action steps. This is what keeps them stuck and unfulfilled.


  • Career resetting can be as simple or deep as you want to go based on how settled and satisfied you are in your job. You can do it alone with discipline and attention. However, If you are feeling stuck, disillusioned or unsatisfied the added advantage of finding support which guides you along the way, perhaps with a qualified coach, will help you feel more in control, stay positive and push you to keep going no matter what comes up.


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Victoria Walsh is an ICF certified executive and career coach with as 20 plus year corporate career behind her and a passion and wisdom to support professionals who are stuck, disillusioned or unfulfilled in careers to find ways to keep loving and excelling in the work they do. Find out more about Victoria 

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