Relationship Building – Cohesion & Collaboration – Skills & Performance – Leadership

Through group workshops, I deliver a mix of coaching, training and mentoring to help improve overall organisational performance with a focus on leadership and team development.

Your greatest ingredient for success is your people who need to be nurtured, invested in and given an opportunity to grow every day

Maximise individual and group potential, drive behaviour and mindset changes and manage team collaboration, motivation, relationships, confidence, productivity and success in a fun and engaging manner.

Group workshops

I have a selection of existing workshops available as detailed below. Each is tailored to every organisation to ensure all specific needs are met.

TEAM BUILDING Everything DiSC is an intuitive behavioural profiling tool. It helps you improve relationships, communication, productive conflict and develop strengths & weaknesses, There are various options available dependent upon challenges. The workshop is tailored to incorporate a focus on your specific team development needs. Find out more about DISC profiles here

Half day or 1 day workshops. Options for group comparison reporting.

FIVE BEHAVIOURS OF A COHESIVE TEAM Based on the best selling book by Patrick Lenconi ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a team’. This is an insight led and assessment based workshop to help a team learn and develop behaviour which will improve their impact, relationships and performance as a cohesive and effetive team. Working through 5 key behavious trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results. Incorporates DiSC profiling to each team member has a meaningful understanding of themselves to support agreed actions.

1 or 2 day workshops. Options for comparison reports and progress reports.

BELIEF TRANSFORMATION FOR SUCCESS Master ‘beliefs’ to step change behaviour and transform overall performance as individuals and as a team. In this full day workshop, we take a curious and dynamic look at your beliefs. We audit them, challenge them and weed out the unhelpful thinking which may be holding you back to say nothing of naturally limiting your performance. Then we build up a set of replacement or developed beliefs which will drive more effectiveness and satisfaction.

1 day workshop

GIVING AND RECEIVING FEEDBACK – A fundamental skill which impacts not only individual and team performance but ultimately the organisations ability to reach goals. Motivation, well-being, service, retention, leadership and growth all require everyone in your business to know how to effectively feedback to one and other, to be able to clearly understand expectations and to take action in the right direction. Option to incorporate DiSC profiling to deepen the learning and impact.

1/2 to 1 day workshop

SMARTER WORKING FOR EFFECTIVENESS & WELLBEING In today’s busy world overwhelm, and its partners anxiety and burnout, are finding their way into the workplace and our lives more and more. Therefore being able to lead yourself to always ‘work smarter’ is a fundamental skill to develop. In this workshop we focus on reflection, developing a growth mindset, understanding habits and learn strategies which will improve ability to plan, prioritise and manage inner critical thinking plus improve personal wellbeing.

1 day workshop

Bespoke workshops – I will create a workshop to suit your budget, time and challenges based on improving leadership, team and organisational performance. Get in touch to discuss.

It’s my goal for you to achieve the ability to grow and transform your career and perofmance so that every day that follows is a best day.