If your emotions could talk what would they say?

Recently I have been talking to my 10 year old about feelings helping her explore different emotions and to name them and understand them. 

It got me thinking about adults and whether we also have a wide enough vocabulary to label how we feel. Most often we are more likely label our feelings in the broadest of terms without properly thinking, considering and understanding them. I see this a lot with my clients. 

Vocabulary of emotions

In a positive situation you may define your emotion as happy. But is every positive emotion the same. If we delve deep, something happiness has many layers – from feeling content and pleasant, to sparkling and cheerful and right at the top jubilant and overjoyed. If we define each positive situation as just feeling happy are we giving the right level of justice and acknowledgement to what we have been through and therefore the triggers to achieve more of the same.

What about when we feel confused? There are different levels of confusion and each needs more attention than the next. Sometimes it maybe fogginess and another it may be flustered.

A capacity to understand and acknowledge our emotions helps us engage effectively and manage our performance and relationships with others. Furthermore, being more emotionality intelligent has been scientifically linked with resilience. 

Understand your emotions

When we understand emotions we can move through the negative ones quickly with strategies and we can stay with the positive ones and reap the rewards for longer. Being emotionally intelligent also puts you into the drivers seat of self management and self control with a greater grasp on knowing when it is ok to express emotions. 

Self esteem, wellbeing, performance and positivity are all wrapped up in understanding emotions. 

Taking action

Looking to get the best out of yourself? Struggling with finding clarity and understanding in where you are? My advice over the next few days is take time to stop, acknowledge and check in on your emotions and ask yourself, if your emotions could talk what would they say? 

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