What’s getting in the way of change?

When we are going through a desire for change or natural period of transformation in our career, there is no avoiding uncertainty and newness. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just make a decision to upskill, change job, be a better leader, achieve greater work balance or build stronger relationships and it all fell into place. However, no one is just sitting there waiting to open the door to that new exciting change you seek. The only person who can open the door is you. However, there maybe so many doors in front of you, some which need a good shove, some so small you have to really bend and squeeze to get through and some which won’t open at all. It’s overwhelming and no wonder many resist, put off or even give up on changes. Compromising on making more of their ambition and performance.

What keeps those doors shut or difficult to walk through are a number of key things;

Fear  – fear of getting something wrong, exposing your weaknesses, losing what you have no matter how unhappy you may be at that moment and fear of never finding that true fulfilment or your best performing self.

Too many opportunities – let’s be honest in this changing working world we live in there is now so much opportunity it is hard to see the wood through the trees, to navigate the volume of resources and opinions that paralysis can easily set it.

The wrong advice – the people around you have your best interest at heart but they don’t truly understand you and your challenge, may not ask the right questions or listen to your answers. What maybe right for them may very well be totally wrong for you.

A battle with time – with only 24 hours in a day to carry on and deliver what you are currently paid to do, to keep healthy, to look after and be with those you love and enjoy, there is not that much time left for soul searching, researching and finding clarity to make confident decisions.

Our beliefs – Over the years you have built up so many beliefs and not all are helping you in your current situation. They kick in before you realise and beat down ideas and feed fear. Lack of understanding of which beliefs help or hinder you towards your goal keeps you stuck.

Undefined goals – Very often we set intentions rather than SMART goals giving you no commitment, accountability or focus.

To get past all of these things there is one big hurdle you have to get over. That hurdle is covered in fog and darkness. That hurdle is the lack of clarity and understanding of why you truly want to create change, what you really want to achieve and how you will get there.

When you can unpick the why, what and how in 3 stages it’s less fearful, the funnel of opportunity gets narrower, you ask the right people for advice, you discover the deep motivation to find the time and you are ready and willing to challenge your beliefs with a clearly defined end in mind.

Change is a process and with any process, you need to start at the beginning and finish each step before you can get to the finish line. There are hurdles in the way but always solutions if you learn strategies and can work on mindset, set goals and stay accountable.

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