Career Change  – Career Re-engagement – Personal Growth – Career Advancement – Upskilling

I will coach you to manage your career effectively. To continue to grow and empower career transformations you need so that you are getting up in the morning and heading to work knowing you are on the right pathway, feeling satisfied and fulfilled in the work you do, ready and able to perform to your best and ensuring your personal wellbeing is kept in check.

Time is precious, so why waste your days feeling unsatisfied in a career which does not help you live the life you want and to it’s best?

Through my career coaching programmes, I will help you find clarity, confidence, ideas, accountability and action to ensure you continue to achieve your best performing self, stop you treading water or wondering about what’s next with no idea why, what or how to improve things.

How could I help you manage your career?

  • If you are feeling stuck in a job you once loved but now feel uninspired and unfulfilled I’ll help you work out why and how you can test whether the grass is potentially greener elsewhere or not
  • If you are feeling restless, wondering whether there is another company, job or career pathway you should be exploring or embarking on, I’ll help you see the wood through the trees and build confidence to get curious, explore and evaluate options.
  • If you have hit a ceiling and want more out of your career and yourself but don’t know what more looks like, what’s in your way or how to go for it, I’ll help you navigate ideas, the hurdles and the shifts needed.
  • If you are feeling unrecognised, unsatisfied, unappreciated and underwhelmed more days than not in your organisation or team, I’ll help you explore the root cause, the impact and the changes needed to improve how you feel and how you show up each day.
  • If you’ve plateaued, need a boost in a particular performance to get that promotion or pay rise, I’ll help you shine a light on what’s in the way, your development areas and help you personally grow with more skill and strength.
  • If you notice that one area of skill needs improving, I’ll help you find out how, push through blocks and motivate your to develop long term personal growth
  • If you are facing a period of self doubt and insecurity in your own ability, I’ll help you master your mindset and evaluate your beliefs so that you can build confidence back up and move forward.
  • If you are finding your career is impacting on your life outside of work and your ability to keep on top of your personal wellbeing, I’ll help you create the shifts needed to reprioritise, rebalance and still maintain your ability to fulfil ambition.


Coaching programmes

My coaching programmes get results which will transform your career. Example programmes are below for reference. However, no one coaching journey has ever been the same and I tailor each programme to your specific challenge. Many of my clients have bespoke programmes.

My signature career coaching programme takes you through a period of reflection, recalibration and redirection. Working with my ‘career formula 4 pillars’ and your agreed goal, we improve self awareness, we crystalise vision, reassess your purpose, passion, priorities and strengths. Evaluate current beliefs and behaviour. Master the mindset which will get the results you need and want. Formulate ideas, create confident decisions and lead yourself to effective change, reengagement, personal growth or advancement. 4 -6 months  – 1:1 – zoom or in person  

Tailored for your specific challenge and to help you manage your career progression with focus and direction. Using tried and tested coaching tools we get to the root of your challenge, unpick it and work out solutions which you can easily take away and implement to create shifts or transformations to bring more satisfaction and other key success criteria. 2 months  – 1:1 – zoom or in person

We focus in on a specific area of personal growth such as confidence, time & attention management, managing overwhelm, building relationships, managing stress or personal brand building to help you open up more doors for greater success in the workplace. Whether it’s to get a promotion, a payrise or simply to help you perform better and thereby feel better at work, this programme will support you achieve more of what you want out of yourself and your career. 1-2 months coaching – 1:1 – zoom or in person

One off clarity and strategy coaching session. For those who want to attend to a specific career challenge and make an instant transformation this one off clarity fix call helps you explore, delve under the surface, raise awareness, strategise and create action. 1 call lasting 1 to 1.5hrs – 1:1 – zoom

With all career coaching programmes, you will get me a certified coach, by your side to keep you on track, pushing through any discomfort and challenging yourself to think and behave differently. All programmes teach tools and strategies which can be used time and time again.

It’s my goal for you to achieve the ability to grow and transform your career, performance and life so that every day that follows is a best day.